Estonians and the beginning of summer

In Estonia there is a very popular saying regarding summer: “I have to get tan by the 2nd of June.”
What is it about this magical date that makes people expose their skin already in the early, often cold sunshine of May?

The answer lies in music. “I have to get tan by the 2nd of June” is a phrase from the legendary summer song “Kauges külas” (“In a Faraway Village”) by the Estonian folk band Curly Strings.

Curly Strings was formed in 2011 and rose to fame with several cheery folk songs with a humorous twist, including “Kauges külas”. It is an acoustic four-piece band with Eeva Talsi as its lead vocalist.

There is no official music video for “Kauges külas”, but is is available on both youtube and spotify.
Here’s the youtube link so you can judge for yourself if it makes you want to get out into the sun:

I enjoy the 2nd of June very much, because it is also my birthday =)